Silver Street Publishing

It’s a different world now - especially since the events of September 11, 2001. It’s a Code Orange world, or is it Code Yellow today? In our desire for safety and security, it seems to me that we’re sacrificing freedom of expression. I’m concerned that the American spirit is drifting backwards into a culture of anxiety, fear and conformity. I feel we’re on a slow slide away from the basic principles that our nation was founded on. I believe the light of American freedom has dimmed. My book: I Sold the Moon was written to help remind people of a time when personal, public, interactive entertainment was not so rare. A time unlike today, where even “Reality TV” programs are contrived and edited. We hope to add some cosmic perspective to the earthly concerns of the day. Let’s lift our eyes and mind to the heavens, take a few moments and appreciate the transitory gift of life. It’s a glorious miracle that we’re even here. (Just don’t ask me to define “here.”) We believe that as long as people are free to speak in city squares, on university campuses or on street corners, then people everywhere are reminded that freedom expressed is freedom realized. There was a time, not so long ago, when public diversity and street humor were encouraged and supported. I know. I made my living for ten years “selling the moon.” And as long as Moon Man, and troubadours like him, are “out there,” that time has not vanished completely. THINK COSMICALLY - ACT GLOBALLY