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Thank you for getting here. It's true I made my living for more than 10 years by selling "Land on the Moon." My book, I Sold the Moon" tells my story. The book is for anyone who likes to laugh, who likes to dream, who remembers falling in love. It was written for everyone willing to take a chance on lunacy. Should you decide to buy a book you will be receiving an autographed copy, of a First Edition (Collectors Edition). "It's a fun read..." Please know you may shop with confidence. We adhere to a strict privacy policy. That means your information will not be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed to anyone, ever. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Book and Moon Acre Certificate

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When you order the book and the Moon Acre at the same time you will save a total of $3.00. Get the Original Moon Acre Certificate along with a First Edition copy of the book:
I Sold the Moon! (A True Story)
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Total = $20.95 each
Book: I Sold The Moon (A True Story)

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I Sold the Moon is a true story. This book is for anyone who believes in following their dreams. It's cosmic, perceptive, passionate and fun. Mostly fun. Told in the first person, I Sold the Moon explores how a young man, fresh out of college, could get the idea that he could claim the moon... and then sell it. It tells of the evolution of an idea pursued against all logic and convention while at the same time interweaving a story of passion, heartache and ultimate redemption that "first love" is capable of exerting.
ISBN: 978-0-9793673-9-7
$ 14.95
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The Original Moon Acre Certificate

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"Land on the Moon!" The Original Moon Acre from the Original Moon Man. Barry McArdle under the name: "The Lunar Development Corporation" claimed the Moon in 1971. (See Claim to Copyright # R107544) He was the first person in modern-day history to make such a claim. Many people have copied him and many more are yet to come. You can pay hundreds of dollars more to those who filed claims AFTER Mr. McArdle but who have secured no more recognized or legal authority from ANY government or agency of the United Nations than has Mr. McArdle. As a collector's item there is no dispute or confusion: The Original Moon Acre from the Original Moon Man is the certificate history will record. (Size: 8.5"x11") Parchtone Paper/ Full Color
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Total = $8.00 each